Email archiving software for large pst files

E-Rkive is email archiving software made simple for the user and helps network administrators maximise network resources.  Problems with large psts and/or corrupt psts (due to size) are a thing of the past as E-Rkive provides a simple but fast solution to store large volumes of emails.


Home users and organisations of all sizes can benefit from E-Rkive.


E-Rkive interfaces seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook® (2002 to 2010 - 32 bit versions only) to provide users with with a fast and simple way to archive email. The simple and intuitive functionality allows users to:

  • perform simple email archiving
  • archive messages from exchange mailboxes and .pst files
  • create massive archives that are up to 100GB in size and can even be larger!
  • access all your archived messages from a single click in Outlook!
  • save common archive tasks so they can be run again
  • perform clean-up tasks to keep your junk mail and deleted items in check
  • very fast searching across multiple archives
  • open and view messages in their original format, including any attachments
  • reply or forward archived messages
  • access archives from read only mediums like CDs and DVDs
  • restore archived messages back into Microsoft Outlook® to their original condition
  • compatible with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft® Outlook
  • organise your messages by moving messages and creating and/or moving folders around within an archive
  • email data is secure and cannot be altered ensuring archived messages retain all their original information

E-Rkive provides you with an email archiving solution that allows you to archive, restore, search emails within seconds.

For users, E-Rkive provides ease of use; for network administrators an invaluable tool for managing email IT resources; and for management, an integrated solution for turning email storage policy into practice.



I have used E-Rkive for over 8 years.  I have been impressed with the speed and flexibility of the tool.  I have looked at many other similar tools but have found nothing like this.  To be able to search for emails containing a single word in a matter of seconds, in an archive that contains over 8 years and 10gb of emails is incredible.  Many times I am asked by others if I have an email from so and so that came out years ago and my answer is always yes and usually in a matter of seconds, because of E-Rkive.  For the investment I have made into this tool it has become invaluable on a daily basis.  Thanks E-Rkive team for making my job that much easier!

Phil McKenzie