What is E-Rkive?

E-Rkive 3.0 is the complete Outlook archiving solution for Microsoft Outlook users (versions 2002 and above).

E-Rkive is an application and an Outlook add-in that gives you access to all your archived messages from a single click in Outlook.

  • Search archives, archive messages without leaving outlook.
  • Extremely large archives (up to 100 GB of pst files and/or exchange mailboxes in one archive)
  • Simple and clean interface providing fast access to messages
  • Perform most E-Rkive tasks directly from Outlook
  • Fast searching across multiple archives
  • Archive messages by folder, date range
  • Merge multiple Outlook stores into one Archive store
  • Save your archiving tasks so you can run them over and over again
  • Create multiple tasks to perform targeted archiving
  • Automated, multi-tasked archiving - group and order tasks in a session to run multiple archiving tasks at once
  • Schedule sessions to run at specific dates and times
  • Duplicate Message Management - detect, ignore and/or remove duplicate messages from archives
  • Clean-up Outlook - clean-up tasks allow you to delete messages without archiving (ie: Junk mail, deleted items folders)
  • Information Security - once archived, message contents cannot be tampered with. They will always be in their original format.
  • Restore messages to Outlook - at any time you can quickly restore archived messages back into Outlook without losing any information.
  • Store and run archives on DVD/CD - Archives will run from read only mediums.
  • Archiving is compatible with the Google Apps Sync for Outlook add-in