Latest version: 3.00.0441, released 30 Oct 2012



The free/trial version of E-Rkive contains the following restrictions:

  • A screen pops up occasionally you open the E-Rkive Application
  • Maximum Database size is preset to 80MB.
  • Maximum Archive size is preset to 800MB
  • Only 1 new Archive and 1 Archive from an earlier version of E-Rkive can be loaded at one time
  • Only 1 Archive Task and 1 Clean-Up Task can be saved at a time
  • Only 1 Archiving Session can be saved at a time

To gain access to the FREE VERSION you must register on our website to obtain a FREE serial number.  The FREE version has the following features:

  • The screen that pops up every time you open E-Rkive disappears
  • You have access to advanced support tools (see below)